Premium 4-Playing Cards Collection

Sale price$96.00
  • 52 cards crafted from high-quality materials
  • Unique and intricate illustrations
  • Diverse materials, from hologram-embossed art paper to waterproof PVC
  • Comes with a high-quality art paper card box for display and gifting
  • Receive an elegant large box with the 4-deck collection purchase.
  • [Buy 4 get 1] Pick 5 Playing Card designs to your liking and select add to card
  • Nekoverse Playing Cards
    Nekoverse Playing Cards
  • Inu Imperial Playing Cards
    Inu Imperial Playing Cards
  • Ritual Mask Playing Cards
    Ritual Mask Playing Cards
  • Dark Spirits Playing Cards
    Dark Spirits Playing Cards
  • Championship Playing Cards Color Green
  • Championship Playing Cards Color Beige



Exquisite imagery and unique materials

Journey into a world of unparalleled creativity and inspiration with Maztermind's exclusive card decks. Each deck is a testament to artistry and imagination, offering a unique and captivating experience. Ritual Mask presents 12 traditional masks from 12 captivating and mysterious cultural stories. Nekoverse introduces a whimsical universe where mischievous cat beings reign in the far reaches of the galaxy. Inu Imperial features playful dogs in elegant Japanese attire. Meanwhile, Dark Spirits offers a completely different, mystical, and spiritual experience.

Maztermind doesn't stop at artwork – We have meticulously chosen materials and printing techniques to ensure a lasting impact. The Ritual Mask deck is a visual masterpiece with hologram effect, while the other three are printed on waterproof PVC, guaranteeing flexibility and unwavering durability.

A treasure for all

The collection is designed to cater to a diverse audience. It's an excellent fit for card game enthusiasts who appreciate not only the functionality but also the artistic and creative elements of their gaming accessories. For collectors, these decks offer a unique and captivating addition to their collections, with each deck telling a different cultural or mystical story.

If you're seeking a special and thoughtful gift, the Maztermind 4-playing cards collection is sure to impress.

Extra box for style and preservation

Every deck of Maztermind has a carrying cover that is made of superior fine art paper and has striking, alluring colors to make customization and preservation simpler.

Receive a sizable, robust case in a rich, black color by selecting up to 4 decks right away. Upgrade the gifting experience as well as the play and display capabilities.



- Collection box: Sturdy 1200gsm black art paper box with black foil logo embossing.

- Case: High-quality 800gsm art paper box with raised texture and silver foil patterns.

- Card box: Double-sided 300gsm C1S art paper box with 7-color Hologram foil embossing.


- 1 collection box

- 4 Cases

- 4 card boxes, each containing 52 cards and 2 Jokers.


- Large collection box: 210x140x80mm

- Case: 69x95.7x25.7mm

- Card boxes: 66x91x21mm

- Cards: 63.5x88.9mm