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VNEconomy, Feb 17th 2021

Founder Toan Nguyen: A Game I can’t Lose

More than just a game, every product is a source of creative inspiration.

IDesign, Jan 12th 2021

Maztermind and Bau Cua - Proud to be a part of the traditional culture “Tet” in Vietnam

Maztermind team share interesting stories behind the enthusiastic project “Bau Cua” dedicated to the upcoming Lunar New Year 2021.

Doanh Nhan Tre Vietnam, Jan 8th 2021

Founder Toan Nguyen & Maztermind: Play in style

We met the founder of Maztermind - Toan Nguyen on a busy year-end day to listen to the story behind the ideas of unique board game products.

Tinhte, Jan 8th 2021

Beautifully made - A honest review of Trojan Horse Race Ludo

With earthy natural colors and handcrafted playing pieces, the game unexpectedly evoke emotion.

Vietcetera, Dec 20th 2020

Maztermind founder and the win-win chess game

After more than 1,000 products that Toan Nguyen and The Craft House have created, it's time for him to play the trump card.

Vnexpress, Dec 18th 2020

Visit every street corner and iconic local stores in Hanoi and Saigon through Maztermind monopoly.

With dice in hand, you have the opportunity to explore Hanoi and Saigon just through the billionaire chess board.

VTC, May 15th 2020

Netizen is hunting this luxury monopoly inspired by Saigon local streets

Despite the expensive price, this elaborately and meticulously designed monopoly is making netizens excited and looking for it.