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Custom Engraving

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Visit every street corner and iconic local stores in Saigon through Maztermind Saigonopoly.

With the magnet compact board, you can easily divide it into four pieces and pack your bags to embark on a tour of the most dynamic city.

Pine wood, plastic, art paper
The set includes: 1 wooden board, 8 tokens of colorful stools, 1 set of tokens of wooden houses, 1 set of properties, 1 set of lottery, money pack.
Dimensions: 20.39 x 20.39 x 0.62 (inch).
Packaging dimensions: 14.56 x 11.02 x 2.75 (inch).
Weight: 6.61 lbs.
Term of service
Warranty terms: 6 months.
Delivery takes up to 5 - 8 business days based on your shipment's destination.
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Maztermind Saigonopoly will let you visit every street corner and iconic local store in Saigon.

Inspired by the story of entrepreneurs, Maztermind Saigonopoly guides you by building your empire from street vendors to luxury restaurants. The highlight of this game is that every location is designed based on real properties. All the map details are drawn meticulously so you can imagine the feeling of stumbling upon historical sites. Each small piece of wood - through crafting technique - becomes tokens with a soul, helping players feel immersed in a real-life in Saigon. 

You will use lovely colorful stools - a feature of Vietnamese street culture - to represent your pinpoint in journey. 

If you love Saigon, Maztermind Saigonopoly will be the ultimate choice to collect Saigonese memories and stories.