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Ludo Horse Race - Lumina version

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Meet the Game

The clean, minimalist line of modernism meets the vibrant gradient stylings in a new ludo game called Lumina Horse Race - Ludo. Translucent, gradient, vibrant. It’s everything you have imagined to add a touch of color to your home or office and to immerse yourself in the fun experience.

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Crafted from a combination of microfiber vegan leather and MDF wood, boasting exceptional durability and high water resistance. Using UV ink printing technology, the board features vibrant, precise colors that create a mesmerizing gradient effect. This brings up a visually striking centerpiece that elevates any setting.

Playing Pieces

Made from durable resin with an stainless steel base, this distinctive combination offers a lightweight feel that enhances strategic gameplay. Each piece undergoes a meticulous process to achieve a perfectly smooth surface with just the right amount of roughness. This eliminates any color residue, air bubbles, or scratches, ensuring flawless aesthetics for a truly premium experience.

Italian Trulli

Design from scratch

Our journey starts with our talented artists, who develop the concept and sketch every intricate detail. From the first pencil stroke to the final masterpiece, each design element is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Product in use

The Lumina Horse Race - Ludo belongs to Maztermind's Lumina Collection - where creativity and distinctive design styles shine through vibrant colors and innovative materials.

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Discover the fluid art

Every piece is hand-crafted and tested more than 100 times to achieve the perfect color pigmentation for a soft, nuanced feel. More than a play with light and shadow, the game has the luminous effect of how the material interacts with the surroundings. Giving a sense of stability while adding boldness, Lumina Horse Race - Ludo is inspired by the geometric design to feature playful shapes. This cohesive design concept is also combined with the idea of color harmony and the background of selected materials to liven up the board.

Meaningful gift to solidify your relationship

Send your love and care to someone completely with a delicate and luxurious gift. Give a gift that is well thought of, not mass-produced. The engraved and gift wrap feature will enhance your experience of celebrating the spirit of friendship and connection with our Lumina Ludo set.

Draw light into the game experience

Designed to be just as functional as it is beautiful, Lumina Horse Race - Ludo evokes the lush of fun and excitement in the game and makes your moment distinctive. Thanks to the mix of materials, the touch is what places all the experience emphasis. From the moment you hold the durable weighted token to the point it moves smoothly on the leather board, the game is tailored by how you and your loved ones play.


Phuc Hung Bui

The boardgame set is really well-designed and beautifully crafted. One of the most satisfying looking boardgame I have ever seen.