Bau Cua (Hoo Hey How) - 'Y Giao' leather edition

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  • Includes a convenient tote bag for easy transportation
  • Made from soft, supple leather with sharp UV printing
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Proudly handcrafted in Vietnam

  • 12 months guarantee
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Dong Ho folk paintings inspiration

Bau Cua Y Giao is a unique artistic creation that seamlessly blends old and modern Tet celebrations, connecting contemporary Tet with traditional Vietnamese values. Inspired by Dong Ho folk paintings known for their vibrant colours and timeless strokes symbolizing New Year's wishes, this product inherits our rich cultural heritage. Maztermind, with an innovative touch, intricately incorporates these elements, turning the Bầu Cua Ý Giao into a wishful masterpiece, symbolizing success and blessings for its owner.

Artisanal quality, sustainable craftsmanship

Though not on traditional paper, the distinctive patterns and vibrant colours of Dong Ho paintings still shine vividly on the Bau Cua Y Giao. Utilizing UV printing technology with premium Japanese inks on synthetic leather, every line and detail on the product is guaranteed to retain its colour durability over time. Soft enough for comfortable play, easy to clean, and water-resistant, the product provides a premium gaming experience for you and your family during every gathering.

Meaningful New Year gifts

With its sleek design and complimentary tote, the leather Bau Cua Y Giao is a must-have companion for spring outings and social gatherings. A perfect and modern gift that honours the traditional culture, conveying New Year wishes for peace and prosperity.



- Hoo Hey How board: PU leather, MDF, UV ink

- Dice: Schima wood, UV ink

- Dice bag: Canvas


- 1 Hoo Hey How board

- 3 dice

- 1 dice bag


- Hoo Hey How box: D400x84mm

- Jam tray: 122x175x48mm

- Dice shaker: D122x60mm

- Dice shaker lid: D145x10mm

- Dice: 25x25x25mm


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