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Meet the Game

The aspirations of bringing the Saigon’s soul into our monopoly board game, every small detail on the board are made up by Maztermind. To represent the most vibrant of Saigon true colors

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Wooden Board

Pinewood Known for its durability and natural beauty, pinewood provides a sturdy base for the game board. MDF serves as the core material for the board, offering stability and smoothness for gameplay. The wood veneer layer adds an element of luxury and sophistication to the board, enhancing its visual appeal with intricate patterns and rich wood tones.


The plastic tokens used in Saigonopoly are designed to be durable and visually appealing. Each token represents a unique aspect of Saigonese culture or cuisine, adding a touch of authenticity to the game. The lightweight nature of plastic ensures ease of handling and movement during gameplay, allowing players to immerse themselves fully in the experience without distraction.


The plastic dice are crafted for precision and reliability, ensuring fair and random outcomes with every roll. Their sleek design and vibrant colors add a playful element to the game, enhancing the overall enjoyment for players of all ages.


The cards used in Saigonopoly are printed on high-quality art paper, offering durability and a smooth texture that enhances the tactile experience of gameplay. Each card features vibrant illustrations and informative text, providing players with valuable information about the game's locations, restaurants, and events. The use of art paper ensures that the cards are both visually appealing and functional, enriching the overall gameplay experience and contributing to the game's immersive storytelling.

Italian Trulli

Design from scratch

Our journey starts with our talented artists, who develop the idea concept and sketch each intricate detail. From the first stroke of the pencil to the final rendering, each design element is carefully crafted to perfection.

Experience the tradition in the new Saigon

To bring the most of Saigon, portraying the hustle vibes of the city - Saigonopoly includes some of the new and favourite locations, restaurants of Saigonese such as Phuc Long, Pizza 4P's. Putting words to describe about the experiences of playing Saigonopoly will never be enough, instead you should be the one to be in the game enjoying each journey through every corner of the city.

Bringing everyone closer

Saigonopoly is more than just a game; it will shorten your distance with everyone, making your time well spent and valuable. In those family and friend reunions, a good story along with a good game should always be counted.

An ideal “anywhere - anyone” gift

Having such a rigorous look is suitable for any occasion in giving your favorite people such a board game but with “style”. A carefully crafted board game like Saigonopoly will be the perfect idea to upgrade your personal life space. Home should not only be defined as a place to stay but also a place to reflect the owner's lifestyle, tastes and soul. There is nothing more meaningful than giving someone the memories to be memorized just by Maztermind's Saigonopoly.


Hina Morton

This is the best gift I have ever given. Simply brilliant. I bought it for my husband’s 50th, who lived in Saigon more than 5 years. The process was easy and so much fun. Maztermind team were very helpful and happy to make last-minute changes. It arrived in plenty of time. And playing it is so much more fun than the original. 5 stars!

Linh Nguyen

I left Saigon 6 years ago to live with my parents in LA. Accidentally I found Maztermind and one wonderful Saigon Monopoly. GOSH! It brought back tons good memory. I really miss Vietnam and Saigon. Will comeback someday. Thank you Maztermind Team !!!!

Hailie Nolan

I never have reviewed an item before but DO NOT HESITATE to purchase with Maztermind. They are truly THE BEST! Their suggestions are amazing and they have a very good attitude. Very good designs, real places of Saigon, true stories. Find a reason to buy from them.....the VERY BEST!