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Leather Dominoes Set
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Leather Dominoes Set

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Maztermind Leather Dominoes Set lets you spread out the fun while playing in style at home or abroad.

With an exquisite Walnut wood box combined with heat-stamped wax leather on top, Maztermind Leather Dominoes Set is set to work, finishing all 28 pieces by hand for a gorgeous twist on a classic game.

Walnut wood, waxy leather.
The set includes: 1 wooden box and 28 domino pieces.
Dimensions: 7.07 x 4.37 x 1.26 (inch).
Weight: 1.32 lbs
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Warranty terms: 6 months.
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The Domino effect occurs when an event sets off a chain of similar events, just like when we hang out together for a board game and let the joy spread. 

Breaking with the tradition of ivory titles, Maztermind Leather Dominoes Set is designed to highlight the sheer beauty of materials while enhancing sleek contemporary style to the old game. 

The box is made from delicate walnut wood with three different colors of heat-stamped wax leather, fitting easily into a carry-on case and on a bookshelf when not in use. Each piece is exceptionally crafted from fine walnut wood with leather being processed by emulsion and meticulous edge seaming. The striking of Maztermind Leather Dominoes Set lies in the waxed cowhide leather with a matte finish and a characteristic smell for pleasure to touch. 

Maztermind Leather Dominoes Set’s luxurious materials and trend-immune aesthetics make it an heirloom piece connecting generations and a beautiful gift for loved ones.

Proudly crafted in Vietnam.