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Two In One

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Meet the Game

Two in One combines the spirit of Western and Eastern cultures, which enhances the experience with just a flip of the board. Its compact size will enable it to display as a decoration item or to take it on a trip.

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The natural grain patterns and warm tones of walnut wood lend a touch of sophistication and luxury to the set's overall aesthetic. Enhanced by UV printing on the PU leather surface, the board boasts clear, durable colors that maintain its pristine appearance over time. Additionally, its compact design makes it an ideal travel companion.

Playing Pieces

Crafted from solid brass, the pieces offer unmatched elegance and durability. The metallic sheen of brass adds a touch of luxury to the game, while its weight and solidity enhance the tactile experience of handling.

Playing Piece Surface

Durable PU leather covers both surface sides, offering two distinct games with a simple flip. The soft texture of PU leather beautifully complements the brass, creating a harmonious contrast that enhances the timeless elegance of each piece.

Playing Piece Box

Made from walnut wood, the box not only luxuriously matches the set's visual appeal but also ensures secure preservation of the pieces over time.

Italian Trulli

Design from scratch

Our journey starts with our talented artists, who develop the concept and sketch every intricate detail. From the first pencil stroke to the final masterpiece, each design element is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Product in use

The Two In One belongs to Maztermind's Signature Collection - where the timeless elegance of Victorian ornamental arts meets the rustic beauty of Industrial interior design.

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An aesthetic addition to your home

Crafted from high-quality materials and exquisite design, Two In One brings a one-of-a-kind feature to the home space with its impressive copper color interwoven with black and white motifs on the natural brown background of the chessboard.

Flip, set and game

Two cultures intersecting on a chessboard is exactly the kind of setting you need to break all limits and strive for victory. The compact, integrated design of Two in One (Chess and Chinese Chess) ensures it's your perfect companion in any scenario, from the comfort of your home to holiday travels, following you on every journey to connection.

Two games, one perfect present

This Two In One is also an interesting gift idea to give loved ones on special occasions. With an exquisite look and combination of the two famous chess games in the world, the board game set is both a functional entertainment and an aesthetic decoration.


Emily Contreras

There is a magnet intergrated, luxurious look. The chess pieces are small but beautifully designed. A meaningful gift for friends and relatives

Julia Miller

My husband and I now using this game to decide who win in any negotiation. SUPER FUN AND EFFECTIVE. Thank you, Maztermind!

Drew Wilson

I gave it to my boyfriend and he eally likes it. We no longer spend time watching TV and cell phones, but playing Maztermind's chess sets. Feel much more fun and connected. Thank you shop