Premium Tournament Chess Set

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  • Crafted through 20 meticulous steps by a team of 15 skilled artisans
  • Designed to meet tournament standards, suitable for chess clubs and friendly matches
  • Unique resin-concrete chess pieces for durability and distinction
  • Microfiber leather-covered bases for a comfortable and sound-absorbing playing experience
  • Proudly handcrafted in Vietnam

  • 12 months guarantee
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Craftsmanship: chess as a masterpiece

Experience luxury with our Tournament Chess Set, meticulously crafted from premium rosewood for enduring durability and stability. Compliant with World Chess Federation (FIDE) standards, it offers a professional and superior gaming experience. More than a mere chess set, it stands as a true work of art, showcasing precision craftsmanship, a seamless blend of colours and materials, and meticulous attention to detail. A testament to the passion driving chess enthusiasts to new heights of sophistication.

Triumph in every checkmate, every gambit

Crafted through 20 meticulous stages over 27 hours by the skilled artisans at Maztermind, each Tournament Chess Set is a testament to their high craftsmanship.

The chessboard features inlaid microfiber leather in a contrasting black-and-white pattern, harmoniously creating a unique yet elegant contrast. The focal point of this set lies in the chess pieces, crafted from a blend of resin and concrete. This material not only meets aesthetic standards with the textured surface reminiscent of concrete but also inherits the high impact resistance and water resistance of resin. Additionally, the chess pieces rest on microfiber leather-covered bases, providing a smooth and sound-absorbing playing experience.

Embrace the experience and challenge

The Tournament Chess Set caters to chess lovers eager for a challenge. Engage in the thrill of playing on a professional-grade chessboard, following international rules and standards. Hone your skills in observation, analysis, deduction, and strategy to triumph over formidable opponents and elevate your chess prowess.



- Chess board: Walnut wood mixed with pine wood, microfiber leather and resin mixed with brass powder

- Chess piece: resin, stainless steel and microfiber leather


1 box of chess board, 16 white chess pieces, 16 black chess pieces


- Chess board: 500x500x220mm


- Product: 4.8kg

(King only: 45.3g, pawns only: 27.9g)