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Premium Tournament Chess Set

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Meet the Game

Experience luxury with our Tournament Chess Set, meticulously crafted from premium rosewood for enduring durability and stability. Compliant with World Chess Federation (FIDE) standards, it offers a professional and superior gaming experience.

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The Wooden Frame

Indulge in the natural allure of our meticulously crafted chessboard, a harmonious blend of walnut and pine woods. Each square is a testament to traditional craftsmanship, creating a striking contrast against the sleek, modern pieces that await your strategic maneuvers.


Immerse yourself in the game with our luxurious microfiber leather surface, designed for both style and comfort. The tactile sensation invites you to navigate each move with precision and grace.

Chess Body

Elevate your game with chess pieces crafted from a durable resin blended with brass powder. The matte finish exudes modernity while honoring tradition, adding depth to every piece on the board.

Chess Base

Each piece stands firm on a base of stainless steel, a symbol of resilience and stability. The sleek, metallic base complements the chessboard's elegance, ensuring your pieces are not just pieces but works of art in their own right.

Italian Trulli

Product in use

The Tournament Chess Set from Maztermind is a multifaceted piece that enhances various settings with its artful design and functionality. Picture it adorning a sophisticated coffee table, becoming a captivating centerpiece during elegant gatherings. Alternatively, it exudes sophistication atop an exquisite pedestal, instantly transforming any space into a cultured haven ready for strategic battles. Beyond its decorative appeal, this set offers more than just a game; it provides a mental workout, sharpening focus and engaging the soul in the thrill of competition.

Statement Pieces of Decor

Elevate your living space with the Tournament Chess Set from Maztermind—an exquisite fusion of art and functionality. The striking chessboard, with its inlaid microfiber leather and contrasting black-and-white pattern, harmonizes beautifully with the resin and concrete chess pieces. Whether displayed on a coffee table or an elegant pedestal, the Tournament Chess Set transforms your space into a cultured haven, reflecting your discerning taste and appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

Mind Training and Entertainment

Chess isn't just a game—it's a mental workout, a strategic challenge that sharpens the mind and captivates the soul. With the Tournament Chess Set, immerse yourself in the world of intellectual pursuit and entertainment. This set isn't just about moving pieces on a board; it's about honing your skills, improving your focus, and embracing the thrill of competition

The Perfect Gift

This isn't just a chess set; it's a symbol of thoughtfulness and timeless elegance. Whether for a friend, a family member, or a colleague, this set embodies the art of gift-giving. Imagine the joy on their faces as they unwrap a meticulously crafted chess set, designed to be a cherished heirloom for years to come. Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays with a gift that transcends the ordinary. Make Father's Day memorable with a chess set that speaks volumes of admiration, or surprise your mother with a stylish addition to her home decor—a personalized signature engraved set that conveys your heartfelt appreciation.


Cass McLennan

This is my second board.. so clearly I was impressed.. a beautiful board to play on or just for aesthetics


My child is going to love it

Bought for a Christmas gift. My child is going to love it and it will look beautiful in our home.


Excellent gift!

Good quality! Excellent gift! Fast shipping!