Tic Tac Toe

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  • Each set is handcrafted in 25 hours by 16 artisans
  • Integrate the game-board into the actual token box
  • Using high-class wood grafting from 02 types of walnut and pine wood
  • An exquisite combination of microfiber leather and shiny copper/stainless steel
  • Proudly handcrafted in Vietnam

  • 12 months guarantee
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Signature Collection

Belonging to the Signature Collection - the very first collection of Maztermind, our product carries the original and distinctive design style of the brand, which is the exquisite harmony of the classic and elegance from the Victorian decorative arts, combined with the rustic beauty of the Industrial interior design.

To make it more than just A Play, but The Art of Play, our team of artisans spent hours of hard work on the production process to fuse the raw and durable materials such as walnut wood, microfiber leather, and copper into a meticulously crafted work of art for you to not only play it, but also to play in style.


A fun game for everyone

Tic Tac Toe is a well-liked game with simple rules that can be enjoyed by every age group of players. Light but extremely interesting, a game can play in a flash but winning requires the player's concentration and strategy to avoid going to a draw.

Premium in each material

Making the world’s best traditional game; our game is crafted with high-quality sustainable materials such as walnut wood, pine wood and exceedingly fine microfiber leather. The board surface is meticulously sanded to ensure a smooth and uniform shine of the wood, while each piece is designed to be held firmly in the hand with soft leather and brass/stainless steel edges that create a satisfying "clink" sound when played.

A lovely travel gift

With its smart design which integrates the game board into the actual token box, it is incredibly easy to pack in your suitcase or your carry-on bag as a gift for your loved ones. To make the gift even more unique, you may additionally select custom engraving or ask for gift wrapping service.



- Wooden box: Walnut wood and pine wood with magnet

- Pieces: Stainless steel or brass with Microfiber vegan leather


- 1 wooden box

- 9 pieces (5 black ones and 4 white ones)


- Wooden board: L127 x W127 x H24 mm (L5 x W5 x H0.95 inch)

- Piece: R15 mm x H6 mm (R0.6 inch x H0.23 inch)


- Total weight: 470g (~1.03 lbs)

- 1 black piece: 26g (~0.06lbs)

- 1 white piece: 24g (~0.05 lbs)

- Packaging: 670g (~1.47 lbs)