Ritual Mask Playing Cards

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  • Crafted on a foundation of unique “black core” fine art paper
  • The art of foil blocking creates the most enchanting holographic effects
  • 12 cards feature breathtaking artwork of 12 enchanting masks found across the globe
  • Get extra high-quality fine art paper box, suitable for decoration and preservation
  • Get a free large luxury box for combo 4 versions of playing cards

  • 12 months guarantee
  • Free shipping

Introducing the Ritual Mask Playing Cards

A Gateway to Global Spirituality

Ritual Masks - A fusion of art, culture, and spirituality

For over thousands years, masks have been a familiar yet uniquely captivating symbol in human civilization, carrying profound cultural, spiritual, and artistic significance.

Drawn by the concepts and stories concealed beneath these masks, the Ritual Mask playing cards takes inspiration from 12 distinctive masks around the world. Each mask embodies diverse cultural and traditional symbols, from the mysterious Venetian masquerade masks of Carnevale in Venice to the ethereal expressions of Noh theater masks in Japan. Ritual Mask playing cards will guide you into a multidimensional world, where it harmoniously blends art and spirituality, culture and boundless inspiration.

Where the cards meet holographic artistry

Crafted on a foundation of unique “black core” fine art paper, they adorned the most enchanting holographic effects through the intricate art of foil blocking.

What makes these cards truly exceptional is the choice of this special paper. It's not only durable but also luxuriously soft, making it perfect for traditional card games and adding a touch of elegance to cardistry and magical performances. In essence, Ritual Mask playing cards designed to elevate your card-playing experience and leave everyone in awe with its captivating holographic allure.

A treasure for all

Whether you’re a seasoned card player or just looking for a captivating twist on traditional games, the Ritual Mask deck adds depth and dimension to your favorite card games. Every hand you play becomes a cultural adventure, and every card reveals a new facet of the human spirit.

The Ritual Mask Playing Deck is a unique and meaningful gift for friends, family, or anyone with a passion for culture and spirituality.

Extra box for style and preservation

Every deck of Maztermind has a carrying cover that is made of superior fine art paper and has striking, alluring colors to make customization and preservation simpler.

Receive a sizable, robust case in a rich, black color by selecting up to 4 decks right away. Upgrade the gifting experience as well as the play and display capabilities.



- Case : 800gsm cardboard box with high-quality fine art paper and foil blocking

- Card box: C1S 300gsm paper box with 2 sides 3D printed, holographic foil blocking technique 

- Cards: Rough 310gsm black core paper, holographic foil blocking technique


1 case, 1 card box, 52 cards, 2 Joker cards


Case: 69x95.7x25.7mm

Card box: 66x91x21mm

Card: 63.5x88.9mm