Lumina Dice Poker

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  • Unique combination of Poker and transparent dice cubes
  • Compact set with 100 ABS chips and two unique Championship decks of cards
  • Resin pouring technique for a distinctive translucent effect
  • Engaging in games for various occasions
  • Adds a standout feature to any living space

Color: Neon Blue
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Special traits converge to craft a harmonious entirety

Lumina Dice Poker set is a collaborative poker set inside this dice box that embodies the perfect fusion of two timeless gaming worlds. It’s where the thrill of poker and the unpredictability of dice come together in an attractive and alluring package. Each poker hand revolves not only around chance but also requires calculation and the pursuit of low-risk options, mirroring life’s existence with unforeseen variables, much like the poker imagery enveloped in the transparent dice block (a symbol of luck and uncertainties). Keep on rolling and embrace the adventure, hoping to discover miracles.

Exacting standards in crafting Lumina Dice Poker

Turning the vision of a Lumina Dice Poker set with a mesmerizing translucent light effect into reality was a challenging two-year endeavor for Maztermind.

In the design phase, creating molds and refining production techniques required meticulous testing. Each piece necessitated an unwavering commitment to absolute precision, ensuring perfection in every detail – from the flawlessly smooth, pristine flat surfaces to the perfect square edges of the dice block. Notably, the Lumina Dice Poker set stands out through the application of a surface treatment technique, beyond conventional polishing, that achieves a visually stunning light effect, adding a layer of aesthetic allure to the craftsmanship.

A distinctive gift uniting everyone

Paired with Lumina Dice Poker are two exclusive Championship decks designed by Maztermind, adding distinctive highlights to the card-playing experience.

Lumina Dice Poker - An excellent gift for art enthusiasts, card players, and those who appreciate uniqueness. Gather with friends, form a club, and indulge in the joy of adventure and luck.



- Dice Poker: Resin, stainless steel

- Poker Chip: ABS plastic

- Card box: C1S 300gsm paper box with 2 sides 3D printed  

- Cards: 0.32mm PVC plastic


- 1 resin box with stainless steel accents

- 100 chips with 4 denominations


- Dice Poker: 135x135x135mm 

- Poker Chip: 40x3.3mm

- Card box: 66x91x21mm

- Card: 63.5x88.9mm


- Total: 3.3kg