7 Best Father’s Day Gifts Ideas 2021 For The Best Dads

7 Best Father’s Day Gifts Ideas 2021 For The Best Dads

Father’s Day is fast approaching - It’s on June 20th this year! 

This is more than just a Hallmark holiday. It is an opportunity to celebrate fatherhood and an occasion to express deep gratitude to father and father figures in your lives. From teaching you how to ride a bike to being there to cheer you up at every game, he always got your back. 

Though your dad may say he doesn’t need anything for this Day, he possibly has his eye on something. Finding a perfect gift for your dad can be tricky, especially with all those typical dad gifts out there that are just, well, boring. So this year, let’s look around for something special but thoughtful and unique that he actually wants. Here, we've rounded up the best Father's Day gifts for your beloved dad below. Whether your dad is an alcohol lover or a techie, you would find a present that suits his taste. 

1. Premium Classic Chess

Want to bring back some good memories from the old days when your dad was teaching you how to play chess? Maztermind Premium Classic Chess is not just a wooden chess board but a means of communication to strengthen the bond between you and your dad.

More than a game, Maztermind Premium Classic Chess is a result of the exquisite craftsmanship put into the process of designing and crafting. Every detail, even to the smallest, is meticulously crafted by the hands of Maztermind makers. To make it more special, you can customize your dad’s chessboard by engraving his name. A little touch goes a long way. 

Maztermind Chess


2. Fitbit Tracker

Fitbit’s latest tracker - Fitbit Luxe is more than a watch. It is a must-have item with the multi-functions of keeping track of your health and fitness. With the feature of checking your sleep quality, Fitbit Luxe is a personalized sleeping assistant, giving your dad tips and reminders to improve sleep after a long and exhausting day. Moreover, it is also capable of tracking your stress condition in order to suggest on-wrist guided breathing sessions, helping overcome this uncomfortable condition. 

Fitbit Luxe


3. Alcohol Gift Basket

If your dad is a beer enthusiast, what could be better than an alcohol gift basket? A personalized booze bouquet with some gourmet snacks can never let him down on this occasion. After all, Father’s Day is still a holiday and we could all have some fun. And for those who might be too shy to express your feelings, getting some drinks could give you a smooth move to say thank you to your dad as alcohol is usually known as the “truth serum”. 

With a variety of whiskey, scotch, bourbon, vodka, rum, gin, or tequila, you will easily find the perfect alcohol-infused gift for your beloved dad on Amazon or at Target.

gift basket

One of the most popular games globally, Poker magic comes from its creative and mysterious playing styles. A late-night Poker game with a myriad of unpredictable moves will give you and your dad a good time to understand each other. You will definitely learn something deep inside your dad, behind the “Poker face” that he has always kept in order to be a breadwinner of the family. This Poker Chip Set is thoughtfully taken into care even to the modest pieces by the finest craftsmen. With an elegant leather bow tie resembling the spy movies on a wooden walnut box, Maztermind Bowtie Poker Chip Set takes the game to a new level so that you can enjoy a fancy casino experience at home with your dad on this special day.

Bowtie Poker Chip Set


5. Lookmate Socks

Socks are common clothing but let's make it a special present for your dad on Father’s Day with Lookmate. With Lookmate, purchasing socks does not only mean buying a clothing item but also purchasing a lifestyle. Designed by the most creative creators, every piece is covered by the most discreet detail and the flash of the color. Whether your dad is into formal elegant suits or casual jeans, you definitely can  find him a perfect pair of socks that are meant to upgrade his wardrobe at Lookmate. 



6. Bang & Olufsen Speakers

Looking for a way to help your dad relax after a long working day? Look no further. Made from the finest materials and superior craftsmanship, Bang & Olufsen speakers create an ultimate cinematic experience and immersive listening moments by optimizing the sound properties right at home. More than a technology device, Bang & Olufsen speakers are also an interior decoration to fulfill his taste of aesthetics and to stand the test of time.



7. Braun Electric Razor Series 7

It’s a new day and maybe it’s time to try something different. Shaving has never been so much fun with Braun Electric Razor Series 7. Built in with the AutoSense technology that can read and adapt to your dad’s beard density,  Braun Electric Razor turns shaving into an enjoyable self-love routine, making him look like himself again. 

braun razor

Difficult as it might be to find out the best father’s day gift for your dad, the only thing that matters is the thought and effort that you put into it. Whatever gift you pick for him, don’t forget to send him a text saying how much he meant or giving him a hug,  not only on this special day but every day.  

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