Trojan Horse Race - Ludo

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  • Each game is handcrafted by 15 craftsmen within 20 hours
  • 3D pinewood board, easy to take apart and carry
  • Highlight the natural cement beauty of pieces with rustic earth colors
  • Adds sustainable value to your home
  • The perfect gift for special occasions

  • 12 months guarantee
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Signature Collection

Belonging to the Signature Collection - the very first collection of Maztermind, our product carries the original and distinctive design style of the brand, which is the exquisite harmony of the classic and elegance from the Victorian decorative arts, combined with the rustic beauty of the Industrial interior design.

To make it more than just A Play, but The Art of Play, our team of artisans spent hours of hard work on the production process to fuse the raw and durable materials such as walnut wood, microfiber leather, and copper into a meticulously crafted work of art for you to not only play it, but also to play in style.


Truly inspirational tale of a legend

Proudly presenting to you Trojan Ludo, inspired by the famous legend "The Trojan Horse'', this handcrafted game surrounded by four solid wooden walls representing Troy. Each step is designed with majestic artistry, leading your armies to the pinnacle of fame. The game not only revives the feelings of nostalgia and victory in anyone who participates in this modern version of an ancient battle but also makes a beautiful display in your home.
Proudly crafted in Vietnam.

Quintessential of Vietnamese craftsmanship

15 artisans, 12 working hours, 22 crafting steps. This is what it takes to transform our ideas into a completed Ludo set.
Maztermind has redesigned the standard ludo pieces made of skillfully polished brass details and rough cement surface.Each ladder step is placed in the middle of Troy, leading the way for the four armies to reach the hall of fame. Each horse is stylized with a cold face and a sharp gaze, cast entirely by hand in colored cement, combined with a sturdy brass mane.

High quality raw material

Using pine wood material, the 3D board can be easily separated into 4 pieces, integrated with conventional magnets. The quality of the pouring and separating of the molds to the exact sanding of the pieces makes the Maztermind product a symbol of a converging quintessence that embodies the values of the pottery village and the dedication of the Vietnamese craftsmen.





True Beauty lies in the details

With optimized construction and built-in magnets, the crafted board can be split into four separate panels that fold neatly in an easy-to-carry box. So you can display it as a decoration item or take it on a trip. The minimalism of the design lines, combined with the rustic neutral brick color combination of the Trojan Ludo, have optimally become a prized possession and decorative item.

The spirit of connection

Although each match is antagonistic, the match also helps players bond. With this game of Ludo, players can join the battle with tactics that require ingenuity through each roll of the dice, bringing moments of entertainment and intimacy. Get family and friends together to experience the lush and unique atmosphere of Trojan.

Perfect gift for occasions

The best gifts are those that encourage interactions. Send your love and care to someone completely with a delicate and luxurious gift so they can have a hands-on, screen-free play.



Pine wood, wood veneer, magnet, cement, brass


1 board, 2 dice, 16 playing pieces


- Wooden board: L465 x W465 x H25 mm (L18.30 x W18.30 H0.98 inch)


- Total weight: 2.7kg (~5.95 lbs)

- Weight including package: 3.9kg (~8.6 lbs)