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Decor You Can Play: Islandopoly and Classic Handcrafted Games by Maztermind

"Whether or not you’re a huge Monopoly fan, there is something here to enjoy in this re-theme — an island getaway that, by its unique and pleasing aesthetics, smoothes over some of the potential frustration of the original game."

A blue briefcase that carrys everything for an island-hopping vacation.

"Islandopololy is one of the few games in Maztermind’s catalog that doesn’t add a classic, antique aesthetic to the classic that it is restoring. The end result is a game that feels fresh entirely due to the aesthetics and novelty of the design."

The prettiest game version you could put on display.

"Islandopoly get featured by Dr. Brian MacDonald, a psychologist who loves board games. His practice focuses on supporting kids and families. Brains On Games provides parents with fun ideas for play, while giving information about activities that also practice important abilities."

Exotic tropical islands in Islandopoly

"Nonetheless, there’s no denying Islandopoly is a luxury game with beautiful, hand-made components and a table presence that would fit perfectly on a luxury yacht or the game table of the penthouse accommodations at a swanky resort."

Two-in-one set: the flexible statement piece is perfect for aficionado

"With all of the progress that board games have made over the last few decades, it is easy to sometimes lose sight of the classics. These are the games that may not be as aesthetically pleasing or have as much depth as modern games, but still paved the way for what we have today. These classics can still have large followings, so why not make them in a way that they appear as timeless as they are?"

The minimalistic and regal Dominoes leathered set

"This dominoes set looks great in any home, and the multiple leather colors available allow for a set to fit into any environment. This isn’t for casual players though. It’s an excellent gift for the hardcore crowd, but that might be as far as this set’s appeal goes."

Premium Chess Set: Premium look and feel

"The craftsmanship here is incredibly solid. There is definitely an underlying satisfaction knowing everything is hand-crafted. The best gifts are those handcrafted and handpicked by you and the Maztermind Chess Set will certainly elevate your home decor."