Saigonopoly - Lumina version

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  • Each set is handcrafted by 8 artisans in 12 hours
  • The cultural charisma of Saigon all wrapped up in one board game
  • Portable design for easy traveling
  • Water-resistant, stain-resistant, and sustainable
  • Proudly handcrafted in Vietnam

  • 6 months guarantee
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Introducing the portable & striking Saigonopoly that travels with you wherever you go

The cultural charisma of Saigon all wrapped up in one board game

From every signature street, and the essence of Saigon cuisine to the versatile plastic stools, Saigonopoly depicts the traditional beauty and cultural charisma of Saigon all through one board game crafted with the skillful hands of Vietnamese craftsmen and the great creativity of the Vietnamese design team. 

Let’s together roll the bright red dice to explore a vibrant Saigon with your friends and family!

Sustainable and stain-resistant

Crafted from sustainable and durable microfiber vegan and PU leather, the board is water-resistant and easy for you to remove liquor and food stains so you can enjoy all the fun and dive deep into a monopoly experience of a lifetime. 

Each detail of Saigonopoly is carefully crafted and put together, showing our mission of not only offering high-quality products but also the traditional values of Vietnamese handcraft pride.

Carry a little Saigon in your bag whenever you go

Flexible to scroll and fit right into the tube packaging, Saigonopoly is portable for you to carry the love of a city that you hold dear to your heart wherever you go.  

More than just a board game, each set carries the signature beauty of Saigon - Viet Nam, and the artisans' enthusiasm for mastering each component. This is a gift that honors the traditional culture with the new modern aesthetics.



PU leather, Microfiber vegan leather, UV ink, art paper and plastic


01 leather board, 08 tokens of stools, 01 set of properties, 01 set of lucky draws and lottery, 01 set of houses, a money pack, and 02 dice.


L520 x W520 x H5 mm (L20.5 x W20.5 x H0.2 inch)


Total weight: 0.88kg (1.9lbs)

Weight including packaging: 1.08kg (2.4lbs)