Premium Mahjong Set

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  • Each set is handcrafted in 40 hours by 15 artisans through 30 making steps
  • Crafted from beech wood, features inlays of a resin-copper blend and silver emulsion paint
  • Sophisticated design and timeless beauty
  • A charming gift for any Mahjong enthusiast
  • Proudly handcrafted in Vietnam

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Traditional inspiration: Where past meets present

With cultural heritage at its core, we draw upon the profound traditional values of East Asia, the cradle of cultural richness, to create the Premium Mahjong Set. Offering a unique blend of traditional and modern gaming experience.

Every colour and detail on the board is meticulously curated to craft a distinctive and elegant design. We believe that sophistication stems not just from complexity but also from subtlety and a focus on simplicity. Maztermind aims to infuse elegance and refinement into the Premium Mahjong Set

Elevating artistry to new heights

Our Mahjong tiles are a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship. Immerse your fingers in the seamless blend of resin and beech wood, meticulously shaped to perfection. Each tile not only tells a story but becomes a work of art in your hands, transforming every game into a masterpiece.

The intricate process involves shaping the tile's face to ensure each piece takes shape with precision. A composite unique liquid of shimmering copper and silver powder is skillfully inlaid into intricate patterns, offering a touch of extravagance and exquisite elegance. The final steps involve attentively sanding the resin surfaces and applying a protective oil finish, resulting in a captivating fusion of craftsmanship and art in your hand.

An ode to tradition, a celebration of togetherness

Our Premium Mahjong Set goes beyond being a mere game; it becomes a conduit to tradition and togetherness. Inspired by the rich legacy of Mahjong, our set fosters connections across generations. As you gather with friends and family, the resonance of tradition in every tile creates a shared experience that transcends time.



- Wooden box: Walnut, beech, brass, magnet

- Wooden tray: Beechwood, walnut wood

- Mahjong tiles: resin, beech wood, resin-shimmer

- Dice: ABS plastic

- Wind indicator: walnut wood, resin, microfiber leather


- 1 wooden box,

- 4 wooden tile trays,

- 148 tiles

- 4 dice

- 1 wind indicator

- 8 tiles magnets storage rails


- Wooden box: 340x340x275mm

- Wooden tray: 300x300x45mm

- Tiles: 26x36x11mm

- Wind indicator: 30x30x02mm

- Tiles rail: 260x55x20mm


Total weight 9.5kg ( A tile 15.2g)