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Bowtie Poker Chip Set
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Bowtie Poker Chip Set

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  • Built with traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship
  • High quality, convenient wooden walnut case
  • Perfect for clubs, game nights & entertaining large groups
  • Accompanied by 2 decks of unique playing cards
  • User-friendly and decorative item

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Classical beauty with charm

Maztermind's Bowtie Poker Set: A Safe Bet

As one of the most popular games in the world, Poker's magical allure stems from each player's distinct and fascinating skill. Maztermind Bowtie Poker Chip Set has inherited this charm, elevating your playing experience with a modern yet classic style. All the components you need to enjoy a high-stakes night in are all included in our Poker Set.


The touch of traditional values

  • 12 hard-working craftsmen.
  • 16 long hours of work.
  • 15 detailed steps.
This is just a glimpse into the materialization of our classic Bowtie Poker Set. Our craftsmen employ their creativity, ingenuity, and diligence to give a classic game a fresh look. The most important and difficult steps are honing, sanding the edges, hand-cutting the leather to accent the bow shape for the wooden box. The traditional values and dedication of the artisans make up the foundation of fun and quality.

Sustainably produced high-quality materials

This classic bowtie design is made on the finest durable materials with the most exquisite craftsmanship in Vietnam. The Bowtie Poker Chip Set features 300 colorful ABS chips, an exquisite copper dealer button, and a walnut wood box complemented with a symmetrical bow-cut waxy leather cover. This Chip Set brings the excitement of the casino right to your home.

Gỗ Walnut
Walnut wood
Da bò sáp
Waxy leather
Nhựa ABS
Đồng thau
Giấy ép kim
Paper with gold-letterpress technique

Transform your home into a casino

With our sleek design and attention to detail, the contents of this set hold the power to recreate the thrill of being inside a real casino. Take full advantage of this experience from the comfort of your home and with a little bit of luck, mystery, and creativity you can play and win in style.

Trải nghiệm casino tại nhà

Cards, cocktails, and connections

The ultimate showpiece of this prize poker set on display will transform your calm night at home into one of the best nights of your life. Nothing says ice breaker better than a round of poker. Be ready to unfold the charm of betting, uncover hidden facts about each other, and share special memories with loved ones over the holidays.

Kết nối tình thân

The perfect gift for the poker enthusiast

This Poker Set is the perfect present for a poker lover who wants to take their poker skills to the next level. Your loved ones deserve a poker set that comes with a history and is handcrafted, customized, and engraved to properly celebrate their value in your life.
Go all-in with our classic Bowtie Poker Set.

Kết nối tình thân


Walnut wood, waxy leather, ABS, copper, paper with gold-letterpress technique.
Components: The set includes 1 wooden box, 300 chips, 1 dealer button, and 2 decks of cards.
Dimension: 12.6 x 11.81 x 2.56 mm.
Weight: 6.1 kg


Warranty terms: 6 months. See more
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