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Leather Dominoes Set

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Meet the Game

Dating back to the 18th century, our take on the dominoes game contains 28 pieces accented with heat-stamped waxy leather and the potential of a domino effect of excitement and happiness. This walnut-wood Leather Dominoes Set blends minimalism with a contemporary twist with a leather design and is fun to play with friends or family.

Color: Royal Walnut
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Wooden box

Crafted from rich Walnut wood, the chess box boasts a natural brown hue accentuated by delicate wood grain, embodying timeless elegance.


Each tile, meticulously crafted from Walnut wood and adorned with heat-stamped waxed leather, combines modern aesthetics with classic charm for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Italian Trulli

Design from scratch

Our journey starts with our talented artists, who develop the idea concept and sketch each intricate detail. From the first stroke of the pencil to the final rendering, each design element is carefully crafted to perfection.

Product in use

The Leather Dominoes Set offers more than just a game; it's a timeless accent for any home, effortlessly blending with existing decor. With its relaxed gameplay, it ensures enjoyable moments for all, making it perfect for gatherings. Plus, its customizable options make it an ideal personalized gift for any occasion.

A classic accent for your home

The sleek design and compact structure of the Leather Dominoes Set contribute to your interior decoration and make for a stunning addition to the bookshelf or coffee table. This prized possession creates a pleasing aesthetic with slight undertones of compatible colors of your furniture and home.

Experience the fun with the Domino effect

Do you enjoy playing strategic board games but find the gameplay too intense? This is a leather domino set that will allow you to have more fun, while still playing strategically. So no need to twist your brain with challenging games anymore. You and all your friends, family, and guests can relax and have a good time playing, no matter what the occasion!

Personalized gifts for all occasions

The craftsmanship and available choice of engraved products make it the ideal personalized gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and family gatherings. We believe engraving and the sense of touch can help us trace back in history. Let's bring that feeling of nostalgia back! We hand pick products so you can pick and choose your own perfect engraved gifts here.


Mary Morales

Beautiful set, husband loved it!

Paul MacIntosh

This was a gift for my son. Great craftsmanship and and a good size (smaller than I expected)


Excellent product and great customer service. Highly recommend.