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  • A tribute to Hanoi with handcrafted state art pieces
  • Beautiful 3D laser cut pine wooden map
  • Best board game for big groups
  • Vintage decor for home and office
  • A souvenir gift to preserve memories of the city

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Signature Collection

Belonging to the Signature Collection - the very first collection of Maztermind, our product carries the original and distinctive design style of the brand, which is the exquisite harmony of the classic and elegance from the Victorian decorative arts, combined with the rustic beauty of the Industrial interior design.

To make it more than just A Play, but The Art of Play, our team of artisans spent hours of hard work on the production process to fuse the raw and durable materials such as walnut wood, microfiber leather, and copper into a meticulously crafted work of art for you to not only play it, but also to play in style.


Experience beloved Ha Noi with just an inch of your fingers

Inspired by the original monopoly games, Hanoiopoly will walk you through the journey of building your own properties from street vendors to luxury restaurants. The map is precisely designed based on the true Hanoi locations that you can envision yourself wandering around the city to its symbol landmarks. Roll the dice and use Maztermind’s Hanoiopoly stools - a typical and signature chair of our day-to-day to signify your journey on the map.
If you have a special love for Vietnam’s capital, Hanoiopoly shall be on your top of list for souvenirs or gifting.

The soul of our craftsmanship

  • 15 artisans
  • 20 working hours
  • 17 crafting steps

This is just only a start from our crafting process in delivering the most authentic Hanoi on a board. Hanoiopoly’s surface is carefully sanded for smooth surface step by step, skillfully joining different materials together to create the most significant Hanoi’s map by our passionate crafting experts. Detailed with the spotted Hanoi’s lake in the middle of the map to create the embossment effects that requires more than techniques but also the patience and passions in creating a masterpiece.

High quality materials for iconic product

Made of pine wood with UV printings, Hanoiopoly can be easily separated into 4 pieces with magnet compacted wood. The whole Hanoiopoly can then be packed and brought anywhere for you to share the fun.

Pine Wood

Art Paper

ABS Plastic

Wandering through the Vietnamese culture

The old memories of Hanoi are brought back by the combination of vintage and vibrant colors. Come up with highlighted and significant locations of the capital such as Hanoi old quarters, Hoan Kiem Lake, Trang Tien ice-cream, players will be able to experience the vibrations of Hanoi by “small investments” starting with our specialized stools to pin your journey.

A yay to play and a nay to be bored

With Hanoiopoly, all players can participate in the game and spend less time on screens, creating such a playful atmosphere along with intriguing talks that make each reunion become more quality and meaningful. It’s not only fun to play but also fun to spend your time wisely wi

An ideal gift to your beloved

Hanoiopoly should never be “out of style" for sparkling up your someone or family excitement with the pride of being a part of Hanoi with its vintage looks, meticulous crafting details. Giving Hanoiopoly is the perfect choice for the love of Hanoi, to humans of Hanoi.



Pinewood, MDF board, wood veneer, magnet, art paper and plastic


- 1 wooden board, 8 tokens of stools, 1 set tokens of houses, 28 cards of properties, 16 cards of lottery, 16 cards of lucky draw, Money pack, 2 dice.


- Wooden board: L518 x W518 x H16 mm (L20.4 x W20.4 x H0.63 inch)


- Total weight: 2.4kg (~5.29 lbs)

- Weight including packaging: 3.4kg (~7.5 lbs)