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Trojan Horse Race - Ludo

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Meet the Game

Proudly presenting to you Trojan Ludo, inspired by the famous legend "The Trojan Horse'', this handcrafted game surrounded by four solid wooden walls representing Troy. Each step is designed with majestic artistry, leading your armies to the pinnacle of fame. The game not only revives the feelings of nostalgia and victory in anyone who participates in this modern version of an ancient battle but also makes a beautiful display in your home.

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Horse Pieces

Each piece is crafted with precision, using exact ratios during the pouring of molds to ensure there are no air bubbles. When separating the molds, excess details are carefully trimmed, and each piece is sanded to achieve a smooth surface. Every playing piece embodies a perfect balance of artistry and functionality, making them not just game pieces, but exquisite works of art.

Horsehair Tassels

Adding an element of elegance and sophistication, the horsehair tassels of the Trojan Horse Race - Ludo are crafted from brass. These tassels, made with exquisite brass material, beautifully complement the game's design. Their presence adds a touch of luxury to the playing experience, elevating the overall aesthetic.

3D Board

The 3D board of the Trojan Horse Race - Ludo is a masterpiece inspired by Greek mythology. Featuring steps from high to low and sturdy walls all around, the board mirrors the strategic elements of the Trojan Horse's ascent. Players are transported into the world of ancient Greece as they navigate this immersive board. Designed with a nod to the famous literary epic of the Trojan Horse, every detail from the chess pieces to the walls embodies the essence of Greek mythology.

Italian Trulli

Product in use

The Trojan Ludo board offers versatility that adapts to various situations and settings. Its optimized construction with built-in magnets allows it to transform into four separate panels, making it easy to transport on trips or display as a decorative item. The minimalistic design and rustic neutral brick color scheme make it not only a game but also a prized possession for any space. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Trojan Ludo fosters connections and bonds between players during strategic battles, creating moments of entertainment and intimacy. Whether enjoyed with family or friends, this game provides a lush and unique atmosphere for gatherings.

True beauty lies in the details

With optimized construction and built-in magnets, the crafted board can be split into four separate panels that fold neatly into an easy-to-carry box. This allows you to display it as a decoration or take it on a trip. The minimalism of the design lines, combined with the rustic neutral brick color combination of the Trojan Ludo, has truly become a prized possession and decorative item.

The spirit of connection

Although each match is competitive, the game also fosters bonds between players. With Trojan Ludo, players engage in strategic battles with every roll of the dice, creating moments of entertainment and intimacy. Gather family and friends to experience the lush and unique atmosphere of Trojan.

Perfect gift for any occasion

The best gifts are those that encourage interaction. Show your love and care to someone special with this delicate and luxurious gift, providing them with a hands-on, screen-free play experience.


Elliot Mercado

Maztermind is nice

The ludi chessboard looks cool and stylish. Cemented material with copper looks also luxurious. Unfortunately, there is no tinkling sound like when I was a kid.

Val Mcpherson

Better quality than my expectation

Everything we wanted, more fire bless up.We will play all night. Big up yourself Maztermind Team. You need a Capleton dubplate for your Luidboards. Ya bad 516 4 Life Garden Of Us is so grateful. I went all the way to yard by ordering from u.

Courtney Day

Best gift for my mom

The board is amazing it’s the best Mother’s Day gift ever for my mother. My siblings and I nailed it!!! This board really brought back childhood memories for her . Thank you soooo much!!!! Well crafted and communication were prompt responses.