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ELLE, 16/01/2022

The 10 best board games for a more meaningful Tet

There is an atmosphere of excitement as Tet approaches, one can feel the first breath of Spring and the thrill of being reunited with family. Traditional games are an indispensable part of the meetings with relatives and friends at the beginning of the year to strengthen friendships.


Maztermind - The game is a cultural bridge between the past and the present

Walking around Maztermind's products, we can find game sets from 'west' to 'east’ with a lifespan of up to a hundred years such as chess, chess, checkers,...

VNECONOMY, 12/02/2021

Founder Toan Nguyen: I'm playing a game of chess for sure!

Familiar board games are not only products to play with, but also a source of creative inspiration, opening the door to the home décor market worth up to $700 billion, a gift market worth more than $600 billion...

IDESIGN 12/01/2021

Maztermind and the project 'Bau Cua' - Proud to be a part of the traditional culture of 'Tet' in Vietnam

Chat with Maztermind and listen to the interesting sharing of this enthusiastic team about the project "Bau Cua '' dedicated to the upcoming Lunar New Year 2021.

TINHTE 08/01/2021

In the hands of Troy Seahorse: beautiful, good, played... only 3 million

Looking at the chess set with natural colors, the pieces are meticulously made with friendly materials, the two beautiful dice… it really has emotions.


Founder Toan Nguyen and Maztermind: Play with Style!

We met the founder of Maztermind - Toan Nguyen on a busy year-end day to listen to the story behind the ideas of unique board games.

VNEXPRESS, 18/12/2020

Go around Hanoi, Saigon all from the billionaire chessboard

With dice in hand, you have the opportunity to explore Hanoi and Saigon just through the billionaire chess board.

VTC, MAY 15/05/ 2020

Netizens hunt for expensive billionaire chess sets inspired by Saigon streets

Despite the cost of millions, this elaborately designed and meticulously designed Saigon street-inspired billionaire chess set is making netizens excited and racing to hunt.

VIETCETERA, 20/12/2020

Maztermind and the lossless chess game of founder Toan Nguyen

After 1,000 products that Toan Nguyen and The Craft House have created, it's finally time for him to play the trump card.