Monochrome Chess – Lumina version

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  • Modern minimalistic design
  • Neutral shades and impressive gradient effect
  • Long-lasting and water-resistant material
  • Stunning decor for your living space
  • Sentimental gift for a special occasion

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Symbol of light and colours.Chess globally represents royalty with the great demand of sophisticated design. Nevertheless, the stream of present, Lumina Chess illustrates simplicity and minimalism while playing with dynamic colours. The newest Maztermind artwork was made with the underlying inspiration of lines.

Exquisite design for a premium experience

Retaining the value of an aristocratic classic game, the Mono version of Lumina Chess embraces a modern and minimal style. Leaving out the typical curves, the chess set is ideal for modern aesthetics, depicted through stunning straight lines to create a consistent combination. Dedicated to the neutral color and the timeless value of a historical game, the Mono version allows players to "feel" the intensity of each mind match to the fullest.

Meticulous handcrafted piece of art

Along with the sophistication in design and color, the monochrome version of chess conveys a visual contrast through the resin-mixing technique: shiny and matte. Despite its simplicity, it necessitates meticulousness and precise procedures from the finest artisans. Using the contrast in materials metaphors for two typical personalities: gregarious and introspective, while distinct, but stands out together to create a perfect overall eye-catching effect.

A bonding gift for your beloved ones

To be excellent at chess, a player must be highly concentrated when making critical decisions. Even though it can be challenging and intense, chess is a good form of leisure that subtly reflects the player's personality and character through each move. The Lumina Chess Mono version is a meaningful gift that connects people, helps us understand ourselves and others, and cherishes precious time together.



Microfiber vegan leather, UV ink, MDF wood, resin, stainless steel


1 chessboard, 32 chess pieces


- Chessboard: L280 x W280 x H5 mm (L11.02 x W11.02 x H0.2 inch)


- Weight including package:: 2.3kg (~5.07 lbs)

- Chess piece: ~12g