Leather Dice Shaker Cup Set

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Color: Brown
Style: Transparent
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Being crafted to order in the finest pieces, Maztermind Leather Dice Shaker Cup Set with meticulous seams is an indispensable accessory set in games such as ludo, poker.

The dice set is made of resin & leather, comes with three individual dice pieces, enhanced by sophisticated leather with white dots on sides.

Proudly crafted in Vietnam.



Waxed leather, resin, PU leather, UV ink


1 dice shaker and 3 regular dices


- Shake cup: L75 x W75 x H100 mm (L2.95 x W2.95 x H3.93 inch)

- Dice: 22mm (0.86 inch)

- Wooden box: L88 x W35 x H37 mm (L3.46 x W1.37 x H1.45 inch)


- Total weight: 0.15 (~0.33 lbs)

- Weight including package: 0.5kg (~1.1 lbs)