Inu Imperial Playing Cards

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  • Made from durable PVC ensuring they’ll be durable and water-resistant
  • These cards are designed to withstand countless gaming sessions
  • 12 Characters feature breathtaking artwork, capturing the essence of the dogs
  • Extra high-quality fine art paper box, suitable for decoration and preservation
  • Get a free large luxury box for combo 4 versions of playing cards

  • 12 months guarantee
  • Free shipping

Embark on a Royal Journey with

Inu Imperial Playing Cards!

A journey of inspiration and creativity

The inspiration behind Inu Imperial Playing Cards is a beautiful fusion of art, culture, and the deep love we hold for our canine companions. The idea was to create a product that not only captivates with its aesthetics but also pays homage to the rich traditions and folklore of Japan.

The 12 dog breeds featured in the deck, each in royal attire, represent the diverse and charming world of dogs. This concept was inspired by the belief that dogs, known as Inu in Japanese, have the magical ability to protect and bring joy. We wanted to bring this enchanting belief to life through our cards.

Key highlights in material quality

Inu Imperial playing cards are designed with utmost care from a specially chosen high-grade plastic material, ensuring exceptional durability and sturdiness, the PVC material ensures they'll stand the test of time as vibrant as the day you unbox them. Additionally, since the plastic material doesn't fold or have curved edges, it is hard to "cheat", even suitable for professional players.

A treasure for all

Inu Imperial  isn’t just a deck of cards; it’s an experience. When you give Inu Imperial playing cards, you’re giving more than a product; you’re offering a memorable journey into a world of royal dogs.

So, whether you're a collector seeking the extraordinary or a gamer looking for a memorable night, Inu Imperial playing cards are the key to unlocking a universe of fun.

Extra box for style and preservation

Every deck of Maztermind has a carrying cover that is made of superior fine art paper and has striking, alluring colors to make customization and preservation simpler.

Receive a sizable, robust case in a rich, black color by selecting up to 4 decks right away. Upgrade the gifting experience as well as the play and display capabilities.



- Case : 800gsm cardboard box with high-quality fine art paper and foil blocking

- Card box: C1S 300gsm paper box with 2 sides 3D printed  

- Cards: 0.32mm PVC plastic


1 case, 1 card box, 52 cards, 2 joker cards


Case: 69x95.7x25.7mm

Card box: 66x91x21mm

Card: 63.5x88.9mm