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Bespoke Tournament Chess Set

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Meet the Game

The Bespoke Tournament Chess Set invites you to lively gatherings, where the luxury and modernity of exquisite handcrafted artistry infuses moments of connection. Featuring 3,969 customizable color options tailored to individual preferences, this chess set is a unique reflection of your artistic style through innovative 'color play'.

Color: Blue - Pink
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The rich brown tones of walnut and pine woods, combined with their unique grain patterns, create a striking contrast against the glossy chess pieces.

Board Surface

Crafted from eco-friendly microfiber leather for a luxurious and stylish design. 64 meticulously hand-pasted leather squares in alternating colors create unique and sophisticated color combinations for the chessboard.

Chess Pieces

Crafted from a resin-concrete mix, each piece undergoes a meticulous lacquering process to achieve a modern, glossy finish that endures over time. The king, queen, and bishop are adorned with brass tops, adding a luxurious touch to the set.

Chess Piece Base

The vegan microfiber leather base provides comfort and sound absorption with every piece moved on the board, ensuring a pleasant playing experience.

Italian Trulli

Design from scratch

Our journey starts with our talented artists, who develop the concept and sketch every intricate detail. From the first pencil stroke to the final masterpiece, each design element is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Personalize My Space with My Colors

Each of us walks on a unique path, driven to express our personal identity. Whether through strategic chess moves or the hues of our living spaces, our choices define us. For the first time in Vietnam and worldwide, there is a chess set with such customizable colors. The Bespoke Tournament Chess Set transcends mere gameplay—it's a statement piece of interior decor, serving as a sophisticated showcase of your artistic flair.

The Gatherting of 'Grandmasters'

The allure of Chess lies in its demand for strategic thinking and the analysis of players' moves. With the chessboard designed to meet FIDE standards, the Bespoke Tournament Chess Set promises excitement as you compete against worthy opponents on a professional-grade chess set.

The Gift of Care

When we cherish someone, we gradually memorize their interest and desire to gift items that match their taste and style. The Bespoke Tournament Chess Set is a gift of meaning and sophistication, offering you a way to convey love and thoughtfulness. What could be more delightful than giving loved ones a chess set customized with their favorite colors?